Stainless steel carpentry

We in IMP have a broad experience in the stainless steel sector, and we’re able to make any kind of job you need in it, as well as tin or copper. We’ve got a dedicated human team working on state-of-the-art technologies, offering our clientes the best quality in stainless steel carpentry.

The fact that we offer such a diverse amount of products in the stainless steel industry, as well as our professional team allow us a greater degree of flexibility to help our clients.

Stainless Steel, our speciality

Trusting IMP means to trust in impeccable work.

Railings and stairs
Doors and fences.
Street furniture: streetlamps, garbage bins, bollards.
Commercial furniture: showcases, shelves, screens…
Industrial needs: tube pipings, industrial moulds, etcetera.

Stainless steel carpentry

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